The 1895 Church of StuArt Presents Danuta Rothschild at the 2020 Martin County Open Studio Tour

On January 18th and 19th, 2020, we hosted Danuta Rothschild, an internationally known and award-winning artist, and her brightly hued and widely diverse Contemporary Art at The 1895 Church of Art, a private gallery at Martin County Lifestyle Magazine, during the 4th Martin County Open Studio Tour organized annually by Martin Artisans Guild, a nonprofit organization of professional artists in Martin County, and supported by the Arts Council of Martin County! We are also very grateful to Danuta for donating her partial proceeds for continuous restoration, maintenance and preservation of the First Community Church built in Stuart, Florida, in 1895!

About Danuta Rothschild

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Accepted to the prestigious Academy of Arts in Warsaw in 1969, Danuta spent the next two years rigorously developing a variety of techniques from watercolor and pastels to oils and sculpture. After settling in the United States in 1971, Danuta studied at Pierce College in Woodland Hills from 1989-1991.


Danuta’s works were shown in museums in Poland, France, Bosnia, and the United States. Danuta participated in numerous shows in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Santa Barbara, and Laguna Beach galleries, appeared on TV shows in France and Poland, and was featured in several articles in magazines and daily press.


Danuta’s paintings are reproduced in about a dozen different art books, and her works are collected by prestigious private collectors and institutions all over the world.


An artist of considerable breadth and stature, Danuta has created several series of paintings covering a wide variety of subjects. Danuta’s ability to capture the scope of human experience is what makes her art so powerful.


Danuta is also a fashion designer and teaching artist


Danuta Rothschild has painted several Venetian Masks and donated them to the Arts Council of Martin County for fundraising at the the 40th Anniversary Gala “Carnevale di mARTin – A Masquerade” that will take place on February 1st

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Thank you very much for attending the Art Show!


Danuta Rothschild, Olga Hamilton and Robert W. Hamilton, Jr

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Surfers For Autism at Danuta Rothschild’s Art Show
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