Bathtub Sabellariid Worm Reef, Treasure Coast, Florida

Bathtub Reef is a fascinating reef system, created by tiny tube-building Sabellariid sea worms.
It is not only an incredibly unique system, but also an extremely fragile one. The worms cement sand grains together, creating a vast network of tube dwellings. Colonies build on top of one another over time and create a reef system that helps break waves and reduce beach erosion. This habitat is used by over 500 marine species including endangered sea turtles who forage on and around the reef. Due to its importance, this ecosystem is federally designated as Essential Fish Habitat. To reach the Bathtub Reef snorkeling from US95, use Exit #62. Head east on SR714 to Stuart. Turn right on Ocean Boulevard. Turn right on MacArthur Boulevard. It is located at the southernmost public beach on Hutchinson Island in Martin County at 1585 SE MacArthur Blvd in Stuart.


Olga Hamilton Photography and Art